Villa Renaissance

VILLA RENAISSANCE The nineteenth-century family villa, typical of the classic, sober elegance of the villas of Lucca from that time period, can sleep up to 18 people comfortably in the finely renovated rooms.
The villa offers 9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, spread over 3 levels.
The facade overlooks the Italian garden, the vineyards, and the ancient chapel; from the back side of the villa, you overlook the wine cellars and the farm, the beating heart of the complex. Tucked alongside the house is the swimming pool, accompanied by a large lounge area where you can relax and have lunch. The presence of a kitchen on each level and an ancient wood-burning oven outside, allows you to experience the environments fully and independently, as well as organize pizza parties and private dinners in collaboration with chef Damiano Donati and the restaurant staff.