Le Cicale

Organic Syrah and Vermentino grapes.

Vinification and aging:
Harvested by hand. Maceration time depending on the year, in pneumatic press. Low temperature juice racking and spontaneous fermentation by adding pied de cuve from the vineyards. The fermentation and aging in wood on fine lees. Clarified with bentonite and filtered. Sulfites are added to the wine.


Color: Pale pink, with nuances of onion skin

Notes: Refreshing, complex and intense. Floral notes of wild rose and white flowers, fruity notes of raspberries and citrus.

Palate: Fresh, full, sapid and well balanced. The final is persistent, sapid and silky

Thanks to the balance between freshness, creaminess and minerality, Fattoria Sardi “Le Cicale” is ideal with fish, shellfish, white meat and cheese dishes. It is best appreciated at a temperature of 12°C-14°C any time of the year.

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