Rosé Primavere

Organic Sangiovese, Syrah and Vermentino grapes.

Vinification and aging:
Harvested by hand. A part of the rosé is obtained from the direct pressing of whole cluster Sangiovese grapes, in a pneumatic press which softly presses the grapes. It brings flavor and acidity. Another part is obtained from short cold co-macerations
of Syrah / Vermentino grapes that bring roundness and color and co-macerations of Sangiovese / Vermentino grapes that bring aromas and crunchiness in the mouth. The racking of the juice is always done at low temperatures, with the addition of the pied de cuve (vineyard-specific wild yeast to initiate fermentation). Finally it’s aged for 4 months.


Color: Soft rose, hues of mango, and grapefruit

Notes: Crisp and refreshing on the nose, with notes of wild roses, raspberries and melon with a fading aroma of cream.

Palate: Fresh, full, sapid and well balanced. Fresh fruit on the finish.

With its unique bouquet and refreshing taste, Fattoria Sardi 10 Primavere can be served as a pre-lunch/dinner drink or is ideal for seafood or light pasta dishes, especially on a spring or summer afternoon. Serving temperature 10°C-12°C

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