The winery is located in central Italy, in the North West of Tuscany, more exactly in the country side nestled among the Apuane mountains, Appennino mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea , only 5 km from the urban city walls of Lucca. The winery is developed between two rivers, La Freddana and the Serchio. The soils are sandstones of the Tuscan Boulder with neutral ph. On the plain the soil is loose, silt –sandy with shingles. On the hill the soil is clay with good skeleton. The exposure goes from South- East to South-West. The proximity to the sea ensures a lot of sunshine and constant ventilation. The mountains provide plenty of water and cool nights also during the summer time. The Fattoria Sardi estate owns woods, cultivated elds, olive groves and 18 hectares of specialized vineyards.



“My goal is to get more and more sustainable the land that my family have safeguarded for generations. Hence the decision to offer our customers terroir wines made with certified organic grapes and always more biodynamic.”



“For a tuscan winery the choice to mainly produce rosé wine is unusual, but it respects the best our estate’s terroir. In fact, we share with Provence, Corse and Liguria the Thyrrenian Sea that gives a unique climate, ideal for the production of rosé wines with freshness, sapidity and often well-aged.”

The countryside is today managed respecting the rythm, harmony and balance of nature, key for terroir wines production. Our agriculture complies with the European regolamentations of organic agriculture following biodynamic agricultural practices.
The wines are produced carefully following a spontaneous transformation of the grapes into wine, without adding any exogenous products, except for small sulfite quantities.

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